I always find when I’m writing that it’s a good idea to set some goals / time frames, but it becomes increasingly annoying when they inevitably start to fall out of my grasp.  Something or other always seems to get in the way and time flies at great velocity – I mean it’s SEPTEMBER ALREADY!

I have a part time job and a family, so sometimes writing takes a back seat, although like most writers I never, ever seem to stop writing in my head.  Thank goodness for my phone which is always handy for me to grab and jot some notes down on.  And, thank you Twitter, the place where you can share your struggles and encourage others who share your passion.

One of my habits – I haven’t decided if it’s bad yet, is buying book covers – (there are some great sites out there with very reasonable prices) coming up with a title and writing a short story around it.   As I give my short stories away for free with the exception of Amazon…don’t get me going on that one, I’ve had great success with this with thousands of downloads.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, everyone’s writing experience is different, so just go with the flow and under no circumstances, ever give up…

#happywriting 🙂