#amwriting The Promise Of You

Meet Logan Black the soon to be Alpha of the legendary Rosewood pack.

He takes Eleanor as his bride and at first the two hate each other, something that they tell each other every day, but a dangerous threat to the pack brings them closer together…

A werewolf erotic romance novella.

Two new #freebies

I’ve just added two new hot little short stories to Smashwords, where they are FREE.

They’ll soon be available on all the other, usual platforms.

Remember Me..

Free Falling…

remember me 4

Maggie is dressed in a beautiful gown, ready to get married, when who should turn up at her hotel room? Her ex. lover Ethan.
Life with Ethan was unpredictable, sexy and fun.
She thought she’d moved on, but apparently her heart has other ideas.
Will Maggie become a runaway bride, or will she choose the safer option?

A humorous erotic romance short story with strong language and adult content.


free falling 2

Sexy Texan’s Zach and Robbie meet Cassie in their regular coffee shop and as they can’t agree who saw her first, they decide to both offer themselves, as a package.
They arrange to visit Cassie later that day to find out whether she’ll accept their offer..
Free Falling is a fun, sexy story about a beautiful, consensual threesome.

An erotic romance short story with strong language and adult themes 18+


Paint me #VSS

Paint me in the colours of your heart

Red, pink and blue

Splash the shades

Watch them change in hue

Mix the pots

Choose your brush

Create the picture of us

Hands covered in watery pain

Faces splashed

We laugh

You’ve made a work of art

One Night

Strictly speaking I’ve retired from writing erotica, but I came across one that I wrote last year and thought I’d give it a share.  So, here it is…

Available on Smashwords, then Amazon and all the usual platforms.

Perfect for a quick, sizzling beach read.


Cameron Cross is one of the hottest rock stars on the planet and when pretty tattoo artist Allie gets the chance of a VIP ticket, she jumps at the chance.

After the show, things smoulder between them and Cameron invites her back to his hotel…

But, he has an unspoken rule…

It’s only ever for…
One Night…

Erotic romance novella.

One Night