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* * * * *

Just maybe. 
December has flown.  Today is the day – the 25th.  We stress.  We curse the dry turkey, the warm bucks fizz.  We sigh.  We close our eyes.  Just maybe we imagine that snow is
falling quietly.  Just maybe we imagine that peace is washing across the world in an epic,
Mexican wave.  Just maybe we imagine a star, a weary donkey, and a boy child. With eyes open, just maybe, we should try.

* * * * *

They quietly entered the large room and breathed in the beloved aroma.  The comforting scent of worn leather, loved and cherished by so many.  Eager fingers caressed shelf after shelf, until they found what they were looking for.  Dark brown eyes met and they glanced around for empty chairs, then settled into them.  The smiling older one opened the book, cleared her throat, and read to her daughter, as her mother had to her.

* * * * *
With the sun warming their skin, they spread out the picnic. She looked beautiful today, all red lips and golden hair. He caressed the smooth gold of the ring that nestled safely in his pocket realising that proposing over cucumber sandwiches wasn’t exactly romantic, but when she answered yes, he kissed her. “What?” “I said, it’s time for your medication.” With fists balled he cried out as he lost his grasp on a perfect day.
* * * * *
Under the darkening sky her lustrous skin shimmered as she elegantly swam across the lake. She reached the other side and he blushed when her soft laughter permeated
the blossom scented air.  He paused to catch his breath.  The sight, the presence of her, heightening his senses, quickening his heart.  If only they could be together.
But alas, it could never be.  He sighed heavily.  One of the perils of loving a
mermaid, he mused.
* * * * *
The unspoken rules.
She knew them off by heart.  1)  Always get your best side.  2)  Perfect that pout.  3)  Filter your photo within an inch of its life.  4)  If you don’t get many likes, delete the pathetic image.  It was her life.  Until one rainy Tuesday when she woke up, looked in the mirror and wondered who it was staring back.  She grabbed her phone, wiped the apps, and began to really live.
* * * * *
Like an old cine film, memories surged through his mind in a tidal wave of history. Squeezing his eyes shut, he found his wife.  As he breathed in Chanel No 5, his three beautiful children made an appearance.  Then she was back, holding out her hand.  He’d missed her.  The look on her lovely face told him that she knew.  A nod asked him if he was ready.  He replied with a smile.  He was.
* * * * *

Yawning, he cautiously poked his head out of his soiled sleeping bag, wondering how he’d got to this point.  But, he knew.  His life had spiralled out of control when he’d lost his job, home, and marriage.  He remembered seeing people like him, not caring that he was stepping on them to catch the tube.  Now he was one of them.   A wry smile crossed his sallow face.  Karma really was a piece of work.

* * * * *

I saw you, but you didn’t see me.

You looked different.  Still you, only not my you.  The dog’s put on weight, and he’s not the only one.  It must be contentment, or maybe too much pizza.  I closed my eyes, and for just a second, wished we could rewind back to the beginning, not the end.  Suddenly, she turned around and it was like looking into a mirror…but then, she is my twin sister.

* * * * *

Die by Sunday.

The rules of their game are very simple.  I give them something they want. They give me something I want.  Only, it’s not a game.  It’s real life.  My life.  And, they want my life’s one regret…my sword of Damocles.  I have seven days.  The clock is ticking and they have my family.  They think they’ve already won.  But, I’ve never been one to play by someone else’s rules.  My game…is just beginning.

* * * * *


When I was growing up, they were generally sported by fishermen, brainy boffins and wineos. These days they are a fashion statement that have been known to sprout in a differing shade to the wearer’s hair and a whole winter month is dedicated to their growth for worthy causes. Yes, they have certainly come a long way since the 70’s, but there still remains one person you don’t want to see with one – your Nan.

* * * * *


This was it.  She had made it.  Words swam inside her head.  “You’ll never make it.” “You’re wasting your time.” Whatever.  Well guess what?  You were all wrong.  Every last one of you.  She grinned at the audience who all stood applauding.  Nothing had ever felt so good.  Obviously she would never reveal how she had blackmailed, bribed and cheated her way to the top.  That was between her and the golden statue she clasped tightly.

* * * * *

No Title.

I will never forget the first time that you said those three special words. We were sitting on a bench and I was that surprised, I dropped my ice cream down my dress.  Now you’re gone, I sit on the same bench. Sometimes I see you, but it’s not really you.  Your unit was deployed.  You came back in a box shrouded with a flag.  Ten years have passed since I heard you say those words.

* * * * *

No Title.

An envelope skittered silently across the cafe floor.  After a furtive look around, he casually bent down and retrieved his prize.  He could almost smell the fifty pound notes.  This was it; the scoop of the year and he was delighted with the photographs.  He thought they were tasteful.  His uptight wife had disagreed.  The celebrity in question had broken his bulbous nose, but it was a small price to pay in the name of art.

* * * * *


Tills rang in card shops from John O’Groats to Lands End.  Chick flick movie trailers played on an endless loop.  She hated this day more than any other. Putting on her worn apron she entered the cold room. Soon after, costumers poured in collecting their extortionately priced bouquets. As darkness fell, she locked the door and trudged home. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” she whispered to her snoring husband as she dropped a card onto his lap.

* * * * *

Fishing quotas.

The small grey boat slices through the darkened waters.  Her name is Alexia’s Wish, but time and inclement weather have faded the scripted letters.  The two rugged men aboard the vessel struggle with nets and ropes as the wind starts to gain momentum.  They both grasp the wheel as water quickly surges onto the deck.  She slams into the rocks and disappears.  The tragic event unfolds every night since she was lost in 1970.

* * * * *

Home for Christmas.

The heavy front door opened noisily as our guests arrived.  Their arms were laden with presents as they shook snow from their warm coats and boots.  Laughter filled the heat-laden air.  I couldn’t see him.  I knew that he wouldn’t come.  I can’t believe I ever thought that he would.   Hot tears formed and slid down my cheeks.  I heard the door open again.  My heart thudded as I turned around.  It was him.








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