Flash Fiction

Whispers of rain crept down the window as they snuggled further into the duvet. It was one of those moments where they could have been the only people in existence.  “What shall we do today?” he enquired. She sighed contentedly. “Mm, stay here. All day.” Her lips eagerly sought his as their boisterous six year old breezed into the room. “Yuk Mummy, why are you kissing Daddy? And, just like that, life found them again.

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On my Amazon author pages I have no idea why amazon.com can link to my blog and amazon.co.uk can’t?



I emailed them some time ago and got a response that they would pass it further up the chain of command.

It’s rather befuddling!

So is life πŸ™‚





Lone Wolf 🐺 #flashfiction

It was dark.  He had no idea how long he had been running for.  Stopping to lean against a thick tree trunk, he saw him.  A lone wolf.  Breath taking and magnificent.  Silent moments passed as they regarded each other until the wail of police sirens permeated the cold air, and the wolf took off.  He began to follow.  Where ever the wolf was headed, it was preferable to the hell he had left behind.