Pink dreams #vss

A warm throw over

kiss ravaged skin

secret smiles and

blushes from a lovers’ touch

dissolving into the

pink dreams of the

snowcapped morning

#mypic #mymorningview #northsea


Updated pages.

Happy Friday!

I’ve updated a couple of things on here:

My published flash fiction page and my coming soon page listing my work in progress with some gorgeous book covers, mainly blue…you know me and my obsession with the colour, but there are a few with the odd splash of red here and there.

Thank you for the support.

Best wishes,

M. L. xx

#amwriting ~ Simon Says 

Music journalist Maria Saint Clair scoops an interview with legendary rock guitarist Simon Tempest.  

She excitedly prepares by getting to know the sex god online, and they immediately hit it off. 

After several weeks of shameless flirting,  Maria can’t believe it when he makes her an interesting proposition.

Simon offers her an in depth meeting with an erotic twist: 

An invitation to his home to live out her wildest fantasies with him…