My novel Tantalised, is currently FREE on Smashwords and will shortly be available FREE on iBooks, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

It’s a perfect beach read about first love and it’s HOT, HOT, HOT!!



First kiss.
First love.
First heartbreak.

Evie Greig has had the year from hell.
She decides to head home to lick her wounds, take a new job and start over.
On her first day, she runs into Connor Reed…teenage heart breaker par excellence.
Sexy Connor pulls out all the stops to win her back, but Evie is sworn off all men, even ones with bodies crafted for sin for the foreseeable future…

An amusing battle of wills ensues as Evie desperately tries to leave Connor in the past.

A place he has absolutely no intention of staying…

Tantalised is an erotic romance with adult content. 18+

The Pact

My new FREE hot little short story The Pact is now up on Smashwords and will shortly be available on all other platforms.

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Best friends James and Rosie make a secret pact on a drunken Uni night out that they’ll get married if they’re still single when they reach the age of thirty.

They seal the deal with some hot, outdoor explosive sex, but afterwards Rosie feels upset and confused that their friendship has been ruined.

Is it too late for them, or can they be lovers instead of best friends?

Erotic romance short story with strong language and sex.


The Promise Of You

My brand new werewolf erotic romance novella is now available FREE on Smashwords and soon available for download on all other platforms!ย  Find all the details on my buy the books page.

I’m now working on the sequel – Unforgiven.

Feisty Eleanor Harrison is promised to Logan Black the next in line Alpha of the legendary Rosewood pack.
He’s tall, dark and handsome, but the trouble is, the pair hate one another…something that they tell each other every day, but an ancient prophecy said that they were destined to be together and there’s no breaking it.
As the pair settle into married bliss, they discover that there is danger threatening the pack and it brings them closer together, but at what price?

A werewolf erotic romance novella containing strong language and sex.


the promise of you - ebook cover