Hot Flash – She Waits #vss 

For hours she waits.  

With her pulse racing, she welcomes him into her embrace.  He kisses her, devouring, devastating her.  He moves lower, capturing a breast, teasing, kneading, caressing the flesh as she gasps her delight.  His soft lips move across her sensitive skin, his tongue dancing rhythmically to a sensual rhumba for two.  Gently taking a diamond nipple, he lavishes it with loving attention, drawing her breast deeply into his hot, wet, mouth.  Her slim fingers find his neck and dig in as his lips trace a slow, heavenly path, further down her naked body.  Her stomach flutters as his tortuous kisses take her to nirvana.  Whispering his name, she cries as he spreads her thighs further apart and tastes the sweet nectar made for him…

Art:  Hotpinklist

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