Midnight Blue

The moon and stars were the only glimpses of light in the miles of pitch black surrounding the mysterious woman.

The darkness never scared her though, for after dark was her time to dazzle.

Exotic, beautiful, enigmatic and alluring.

Men were fascinated by her.

Women were envious of her.

The type of woman that could never be owned.

Yet, without a doubt, she could own you.

One autumn night, she made her way to the VIP entrance of a high class club – the only kind she would ever be seen in.

A curt nod was all it took for her to gain entry before the throng of people waiting in line.

With all eyes one her, she glided past in a cloud of Chanel No. 5, and as if by magic, the padded double doors sprang open, and she entered the exclusive night spot.

The crowd of enthusiastic revellers parted as if she were royalty.

But then, she was.

Someone appeared at her side and relieved her of her fur wrap, revealing a body crafted for sin.

Pale porcelain skin.

All curves.

No edges.

Her elegant, hourglass figure came to rest on a sumptuous chair and within seconds a chilled bottle of Cristal was placed down, and a glass was presented.

She took several delicate sips and surveyed the room like a lioness hunting her prey.

Every man in her sights straightened up, desperate to be the one she chose.

Her dark as night eyes narrowed and came to rest on a tall, blond, impeccably dressed man standing nonchalantly at the bar – the only one that didn’t seem to be affected by her presence.

She whispered something to a nearby, eager lap dog, who nodded and made his way over to him.

They exchanged a few words before he returned looking crestfallen.

She spoke in low tones, and sent him back over.

This time, the man turned around to see the woman that requested his company.  And, when he saw her, his mind appeared to change as he drained his tumbler of JD, buttoned up his suit and casually strolled over to join her.

Their eyes locked together, sapphire blue to chocolate brown as he took the seat opposite.  Moments passed as intense sexual energy vibrated between them, filling the air.  Neither spoke as they became sparring partners in a silent battle of wills.

She glanced up and another glass was instantly filled for him, but he didn’t sip it gently, preferring to swallow the champagne in one large mouthful.

She arched a perfectly manicured eyebrow and threw her head back to laugh.  He grinned and took her hand to kiss and after his lips had slowly caressed her skin, they rose to their feet and he led her towards the dance floor.

As they moved, their bodies moulded together, beautifully.

“You wearing your new lingerie?” he whispered.

She smiled serenely.  “Mm yes, midnight blue, it’s very…me.”

He chuckled warmly.  “Oh, my darling wife.  I know it is.”



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