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Paragraph Planet

Paragraph Planet is a micro-fiction website that has been publishing a new 75-word story (including any title) every single day since November 2008. Yes, exactly 75-words, no more, no less.

Yesterday I had my third published by them, so to mark that, I thought I’d reproduce them all here. Hope you enjoy them.

~ ~ ~

Coffee time

A watched kettle never boils? That’s far from the truth. I’m watching, it’s boiling. I always wait until the switch clicks off before I scoop the heaped teaspoon of coffee (and two of sugar) into the mug. I follow it with milk, poured slowly.  And then the already cooling water, slower still. And always before I’ve stirred, my supervisor’s eyes are calling me back to my workstation and the next round of calls. 

Published 19 June 2015

~ ~ ~

Another Day

Five-thirty a.m. I knew that without opening my eyes. The…

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