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Wild Soul

He’s made some wrong turns along the way, but now Dominic Wild is at the top of his game, facing the biggest match of his middleweight career.

A match that could see him crowned a champion fighter.

A match that could see him dead.

Nothing and no one can stop him achieving his ultimate dream.

Then he meets Francesca – Frankie to her friends.

He’s never met anyone like her before.

At first she rejects him, insisting that they are too different.

Never one to give up on anything, Dominic has other ideas…

Two souls, one gentle, one wild.

Worlds apart, yet kindred spirits, they are drawn together…

An erotic romance with adult content 18+

Balance, young adult stretching out arms over dark background

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It’s difficult to squeeze in time for writing amongst the pressures of the daily grind, but I try to write something every day.  It might be a poem – you’re spoilt for choice with prompts on Twitter, a flash fiction piece, or if I can sneak off, a whole chapter.  I regularly find notes on my phone, and ones scribbled on scraps of paper lurking in my handbag, not to mention the overloaded filing system in my head.

Reading has always been a passion of mine, my form of escape.  Now writing has also become a passion, a growing addiction I need to regularly feed, and Sunday is a day made for writing; fingers crossed some of it good!

So, I’ve made mistakes along the way, but… 

Cheers Mr Gaiman 🙂


I’m off for my fix ~ #happywriting