My Dream Library #amreading

My dream library would be in a resplendent cliff top mansion with breath taking views from every angle.

It would be circular, on the top floor, would house rare first editions, and one of those whiz along ladders like something straight out of The Great Gatsby.

The lighting would be subtle, but not so that you had to strain your eyes.  There would be a chaise lounge, and squishy sofas with footstools.

Comfort after all, is paramount when reading.

And, it would smell…incredible.

I picture those lazy, rainy days spent immersed in a favourite book, clutching a mug of tea or a glass of Chianti – after 12pm obviously…

Growing up, I was surrounded by books.  My dad used to take me to the public library every week, and he was happy to stay in there for hours with neither one of us wanting to rush home, so quite often, we used to get in trouble for getting back late for our evening meal.

My love of books has grown with each passing year, and this year, I’m reading genres I’ve never tried before like science fiction, and autobiographies.

When I travel, I always try the local delicacy, so I thought why not travel outside my reading comfort zone?  Be it on the train, in bed or in my dream library…



2 thoughts on “My Dream Library #amreading

  1. We have akin souls in that regard my dear……love books and the ambiance of them. I loved visiting the old dusty bookstores with the aphrodisiac smell of the pages spread upon all the shelves …then like a diamond in the rough you dig through it all and discover a gem of story to take you away ….:)

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