Selected Micropoetry


Selected Micropoetry

One of the many different forms of writing poetry is an outgrowth from Twitter’s limit of 140 characters per post. That is a challenge for writers to get a complete thought and create a poem in 140 characters. The following selections have been posted on my twitter account in the past couple of weeks.


hand on one hip

fingers beckoning

from the other

A skirt swish…

and the dance begins


A simple girl…

Shy at first


Once she learned

his dance there

was no turning back


… I dreamed of sweet

love in the afternoon

you were alive and

warm and delicious

… Reality was the

cold light of morning


… his hands

the touch of his


stained her memory

leaving fingerprints

on her soul

things were

never the same


Shadows on the wall

tell me you are leaving

no need…

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