The Walking Dead Finale…. #TheWalkingDead

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Next Monday, (or Sunday in the U.S.), season 5 of The Walking Dead comes to a close.  Sad face 😦

If you’ve never watched it, you’re missing out on some top notch drama.

My daughter raved on and on about it for ages, and I always thought – um, zombies? (I’m more of a vampire fangirl myself), nah, that’s not for me, but when I gave it a go, I was literally blown away.

Over the winter, my husband and I binge watched each season, sometimes we were rebels and went to bed far too late on a school night. But, it was so worth it…

The Walking Dead is a sometimes harrowing story of survival and a roller coaster, edge of your seat, bumpy ride.

So, my advice is – buckle up, catch up, and get yourselves on board with The Walking Dead.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but I promise you, you won’t regret it.

And, Andrew Lincoln’s slow, American drawl, is kind of sexy…