The Pact

My new FREE hot little short story The Pact is now up on Smashwords and will shortly be available on all other platforms.

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Best friends James and Rosie make a secret pact on a drunken Uni night out that they’ll get married if they’re still single when they reach the age of thirty.

They seal the deal with some hot, outdoor explosive sex, but afterwards Rosie feels upset and confused that their friendship has been ruined.

Is it too late for them, or can they be lovers instead of best friends?

Erotic romance short story with strong language and sex.


#amwriting The Promise Of You

Meet Logan Black the soon to be Alpha of the legendary Rosewood pack.

He takes Eleanor as his bride and at first the two hate each other, something that they tell each other every day, but a dangerous threat to the pack brings them closer together…

A werewolf erotic romance novella.

Two new #freebies

I’ve just added two new hot little short stories to Smashwords, where they are FREE.

They’ll soon be available on all the other, usual platforms.

Remember Me..

Free Falling…

remember me 4

Maggie is dressed in a beautiful gown, ready to get married, when who should turn up at her hotel room? Her ex. lover Ethan.
Life with Ethan was unpredictable, sexy and fun.
She thought she’d moved on, but apparently her heart has other ideas.
Will Maggie become a runaway bride, or will she choose the safer option?

A humorous erotic romance short story with strong language and adult content.


free falling 2

Sexy Texan’s Zach and Robbie meet Cassie in their regular coffee shop and as they can’t agree who saw her first, they decide to both offer themselves, as a package.
They arrange to visit Cassie later that day to find out whether she’ll accept their offer..
Free Falling is a fun, sexy story about a beautiful, consensual threesome.

An erotic romance short story with strong language and adult themes 18+


FREE! #IndieBooksBeSeen #bookplugs

Tantalised, my third novel is currently free on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBooks – It’s nigh on impossible to get a book free on Amazon, but hey ho.

It’s a sometimes humorous story of first love and it was the first book that I wrote.  And, it features my favourite hero – Connor Reed; tall, blue eyed, naughty, blond hottie.

A perfect beach read to get your temperature rising even more!


First kiss.

First love.

First heartbreak.

‘But one always returns to one’s first loves.’ – Etienne.

Evie Greig has had a tough year.
She heads home to lick her wounds, taking a new job, determined to start over.
On her first day, she runs into Connor Reed ~ teenage heart breaker.
He pulls out all the stops to win her back, but Evie is sworn off all men for the foreseeable future…

The tall, blond, blue eyed Connor, belongs in her past, not her future.
At one time – he had been her world.
Should she leave the bitter sweet memories in the past?
Or, should she forgive him and give in to the insane, off the hook attraction she still feels for him?

Tantalised is an erotic romance with adult content. 18+





Obey The Need #IndieBooksBeSeen

FREE on Smashwords.


Obey The Need

Niamh Carmichael is slowly recovering from a recent, painful break up.

She longs to feel wanted and desired again.  And, when she meets two gorgeous millionaires, they both make her feel exactly that…

Should she choose tall, dark and brooding Aiden with his deep blue eyes that make her go weak at the knees?

Or, should she choose sexy, fun loving blond, Jake?

Faced with an impossible decision she wonders if she can have her cake and eat it…?

Why can’t she have them both…?

In time, Niamh discovers that she can, and the three embark on an affair that explores all their mutual desires.

An erotic romance short story with adult content 18+ that follows on from Submit To The Need, but can be read as a stand alone.

Obey The Need

Submit To The Need #IndieBooksBeSeen

New release!

The follow up to Feel The Need is now available on Smashwords for FREE! and will shortly be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBooks.


Submit To The Need

Successful journalist Annie Carmichael has become an expert at keeping secrets.

On the surface she seems to have it all, but looks can be deceiving…

For the last year, Annie has been trapped inside a living hell. But, with the help of best friend Kat, she manages to escape her abusive partner Braden, and make a fresh start.

Cue Nicholas Darcy: Millionaire…

The two have met before, and the sparks flew…

Now Nicholas would like nothing more than to make her his submissive.

The dashing Mr Darcy lives up to his name, and they are soon caught up in a relationship that pushes their boundaries to the limit, letting them explore their wildest fantasies…

Could Nicholas be the one to heal her wounds, and is it possible for Annie to leave the past behind and trust again?

Millionaire Lover’s of Dublin. Book 2.

An erotic romance with adult content. 18+