A moonlit street

Strolling on a moonlit street, hand in hand

Nowhere in particular to be 

It feels like it’s only the two of us

Just you and me 

Jazz music filters through the warm night and laughter fills the air 

You pull me closer, whispering your intent…

But for now, I kiss your cheek





David Bowie 

From about the age of seven, I grew up listening to David Bowie tracks.  There was a bit of The Sex Pistols thrown into the mix, but Mr Bowie was king.  

My long haired brother strutted about in way too skinny jeans, emulating his hero – much to my dad’s frustration.  He had an Aladdin Sane poster on his bedroom wall and it fascinated me.  

Bold, brave and a genius songwriter, his instantly recognisable gravelly voice pulled me in, and didn’t let go…

RIP Mr Bowie.

You truly were a class act.